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Arcturian Meditation for the Unity Consciousness On this Day of the Eclipse


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Blessings to You ALL on this Day of the Eclipse

And Unity Consciousness


(written version below)
Greetings, we are the Arcturians,

Please join us now on a journey for this focus on Unity Consciousness? We ask you all to first to focus your consciousness on thinking about how the eclipse will influence you.

Think about how YOU will influence the experience of this major eclipse. Even though this eclipse is just across the United States, everyone in the world can combine in Unity Consciousness, so that all of humanity, all of Gaia’s beings, and Gaia, her Planetary SELF, can share this experience.

Even if you are NOT in the United States, you are ALL on the same planet. Therefore, you can all experience Gaia because YOU are all made of the same elements and elementals as your Mother Earth.

What will be your time frame during the Eclipse?
Who will you be with?
Where will you be? 

Wherever you are on Gaia’s Earth, you can allow the energy field of the Eclipse to enter your physical body, both through you connection to Gaia, and via your connection with your Higher Self.

Your Higher Self knows where you will be and who you will be with. Just allow your Higher Self to over-light you during the eclipse, as YOU over light dear Gaia.

As you each connect with your Higher Self, you can ask your Higher Self to connect with the energy field of the eclipse.

In this manner, each of will you have a mechanism through which you can bring in the light of the eclipse into your Higher Self to assist your physical body to digest and integrate that Light into your body and into your daily life.

Your Higher Self knows what components of your body and your consciousness are best able to accept this higher frequency,
as well as the components of you that are not ready to fully accept these higher frequencies of light.

These areas of your body, and of your consciousness,
            May just being born, or in conflict, or are not yet ready to accept
                        and integrate the higher frequency of light within this Now.

The components of your SELF that are, NOW, ready to accept the Higher Light,
            Since you all have many components of self who are ready,
                        You will “open up your “Heart and Soul” and allow the Higher Light to enter.

NOW, see your front door before you, which is your imaginary doorway to that Higher Light, and feel your Higher Self above you and behind you.

In fact, feel and merge with, your Higher Self,
FEEL how you are over-lit and protected by your Higher Self 

Take a long, slow, deep breath…

Feel that Higher Light as it guards over and comes in to your body…

NOW, focus on the energy field of the eclipse.
As you focus on that energy field, allow your Higher Self to direct you
             As to how that planetary, energy field
                        best intertwines with your personal, energy field.

You don’t have to know where you will be, where the eclipse will be, or when it will be.

You don’t need to worry about those components because
            you are surrendering into your own Higher Light.

You are allowing your own version of the light of the eclipse
            to come into you and move all the way through you. 

Allow that Higher Light to be grounded, through YOU, and deep in the planet
            Into whatever area you are presently connected

Even if you are in Europe, Australia, the Philippines, or Asia, it doesn’t matter where you are-
            Allow that light of the eclipse to enter into your personal light
                        TO amplify your own Inner Light! 

Feel that light as it comes into your head
            goes through your body
                        and is grounded deep into the planet.

Feel how that light can cleanse and release / cleanse and release / cleanse and release.

Now that you have cleansed and released that which you no longer need in your reality
Call in the Violet Fire to transmute it by saying: 

Blaze, blaze, blaze the Violet Fire transmuting all shadow into light, light, light. 

Allow the Violet light to release any areas of your life that you wish to transmute into a higher frequency.

Feel as though these areas are not dark in a negative term, but dark in that they have not YET received this light.  Allow yourself to receive this light.

And as you receive the light, feel it within your body. 
            Also, wherever you are in the world, you can tune into this eclipse,
                        And tune in to that healing, cleansing, higher dimensional light. 

Gaia is ready to be able to take that light into the core of her being.
Because the light is going into Gaia’s core, allow that light to go into your core

As that light goes into the core of Gaia’s being, she can shine it out, up, down, right, left,
            and in every direction of her round body,
                        so that every single person can accept that light.

Take a moment and look at your life.
            What do you need in your life right now? 
                        How can you allow yourself to accept this gift?

Can you remember that what you need for yourself
            is what you will share with others?

Make sure that this need that you have for yourself is NOT a selfish need.

Allow this need to be one that will fulfill you more as a person. 
As you are fulfilled more as a person, you have more to give and more to share. 

By grounding this light through you, and into Gaia from wherever you are,
            You are allowing the Light to come into you

Via this Higher Light, you can perceive reality from a Higher Perspective of your own vision, and your own hearing.

Then, you can share your experience
            from a higher perception of your own speaking, of your own writing.

As you to share your experience with others,
            Do so within this sensation of the NOW that you have shared with every ONE.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

2 Arcturian Meditation Download for the Eclipse--through Sue Lie


Arcturian MEDITATION for the Eclipse:



SEE the Transcript for "Being In the Calm"

Resetting Your Mind

The Arcturians 

Allow yourself to recognize when you need to reset your computer/mind. This overload is often because they have had too many programs open and too many things going on at once. Then, your computer/brain becomes overwhelmed. It is fine to go into a “shut down“ of all of the different browsers you have open and “turn off the computer/brain “and the leave it off for a while.

NOW, take a moment to look inside your self to find how many things are going on inside of your mind within the NOW. Can you forget the grocery list, picking up the kids from school, having a meeting or something you forgot to pick up, really have to do, or what is going on around you.

Take a LONG moment to take long, slow, deep, breaths…Take a long, slow in-breath and hold your breath as long as you can and focus all your attention on the fact that you are holding your breath. Now, in a controlled manner, in the same controlled manner in which you’d like to control your life, breathe out slowly and calmly.

Take some slow in-breaths and out-breaths as you focus on Breathing In the Calm. Pull the calm through your body and breathe out calm. Breathe in the calm, and pull the calm through your body and hold the Calm in your body, then slowly exhale this calm into your reality.

So, what exactly is “calm?” Calm is a moment of stillness. This Calm is just before Sunrise, and just before Sunset. Calm is just before you wake up, just before you go to sleep, and just before you have what you always wanted to experience, that is, if you could take a moment to be calm enough to accept it. 

Within this Now, just take a long slow deep breath and breathe in, in, in and hold, hold, hold. Now, slowly breathe out, out, out, out—and relax. As you allow your self to relax, allow your brain to relax. Allow your thoughts to take a break. Recognize all of the hundreds of thoughts that are going on at the same time. These “thoughts” are all yawning and putting their head down on the desk, or leaning back in your chair.

You find yourself sitting in a comfortable chair, pulling over to the side of the road and taking a long, slow, deep breath, feeling the Breath, Releasing the Breath, Being the Breath and totally relaxing your body and closing your eyes.  

Within this NOW, Allow yourself to “reset” into a higher frequency of consciousness.
Just as the eclipse can reset your outer world, you can reset your inner world!

SEE the Transcript for "Being In the Calm"

Blessings to you all during this NOW of transition

The Arcturians
and Suzanne Lie

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Written Transcript of Eclipse Conversation of Sue Lie and David Miller

Hello readers, here is the written transcript for my conversation with David Miller.
Enjoy, Sue

Eclipse Conversation
Suzanne Lie & David Miller

Hello, this is Suzanne Lie, and I’m talking again with David Miller and we are going to talk about the Eclipse.

Hello, this is David, and I’m happy to be here today, and I’m going to begin the channeling with Juliano on the Eclipse.  (Toning sounds and Shalom, Shalom, Shalom).

J: Greetings, I am Juliano.  We are the Arcturians.  So we look at the eclipse as a partial intersection of the dimensions.  And, we note that this is an alignment of the sun and new moon.

Alignments have the ability to pierce veils and go through blocks and go through falsehoods.

The alignments also have the potential of opening doorways.  This particular eclipse is a planetary influencer.  By that I mean that this eclipse of the moon and the sun called the solar eclipse will have a dramatic and culminating effect on the systems of the planet, including the economic, political, social and environmental systems.

You may have already noticed as we are approaching this eclipse, there’s been an increase in chaos on the planet and also an increase in polarization and perhaps confusion.  A theory of chaos says that at a certain point when chaos reaches a height, then a minor incident that seems to have no normal consequence will create a dramatic event and a charged event that will be considered of strong influence on everyone.

This type of energy is called the Butterfly Effect.  And it was described by one of your biologists who understood that when there is a certain level of chaos, and I might also indicate that he was a philosopher as well – when there is a certain level of chaos then a butterfly changing directions would create a dramatic and potential catastrophe. 

So now we are at the exactly in this situation because you and I perhaps both agree that this polarization and chaos is leading to dangerous levels, dangerous threats to the entire planet.  The event known as the eclipse seems to be unrelated.  The Eclipse can be called the butterfly.  A minor event that doesn’t seem to be related to any of the economies any of the world conflicts.  Yet, the energy of this alignment has the potential of influencing and setting in motion an acceleration of chaos.

At the same time I want everyone to understand, that you who are star seeds, you who are spiritual seekers have different receptivity and will have a different reaction.  Yes, you will be affected by the potential chaos, but you also clearly understand that this alignment is a spiritual energy field that creates an opening in the process that I call – the spiritual intersection of dimensions.  Because alignments intensify energy and thus where you focus is where you will find an increase in your energy and light.

This is much like when you go to sacred spaces, like Sedona for example or Bell Rock.  In that heightened energy field you must be watching and focusing on your higher thinking.  You try to have as much as possible higher thinking because you know that what you think will have a greater opportunity to manifest.  This is because you are in an accelerated time, an accelerated place with accelerated energy.  And this two minute and forty-four second eclipse or two hundred and forty four second total eclipse has that effect on the entire planet even if you are not in the pathway of totality.

That is that this two minute and forty four time period of totality is the sacred time that allows for those who are seekers, for those who have spiritual understanding, for those who are of spiritual openness – this allows you to experience an accelerated spiritual manifestation of thought such that how you and what you will and think will have a greater likely hood of manifestation. 

So, focus particularly on your spiritual development and not on your Ascension.  Focus on planetary healing and balancing.  Focus on unity among the star seeds on all levels.  And focus on connecting with your masters and teachers so that what for some will be considered chaos, for you the knowers of how to process such energy – you will experience this heightened ability and have the tools to increase your manifestation abilities and your spiritual goals.

So, in a sense we conclude by saying, this is a replica of a type of polarization. Those who are spiritually minded and experience higher enlightenment energies fields and those who are dense see and experience chaos. 

I’m Juliano – good day.

SL: Thank you very much Juliano for speaking to us.  Now I, Suzanne Lie will bring through the Arcturians as well.

A: Blessings, we are the Arcturians and we are now speaking through Suzanne Lie.  We want you to know that we can speak through all of you.  We want you to know that all of you have the ability to connect with the higher frequencies of your own self. 

And what is happening with the eclipse is it places people in a this or that situation.  They can decide if they want to accept this new energy field, change themselves, expand their consciousness, work with the new energy field that will now be closer to them and move through the chaos that precedes change, for chaos always precedes change.
Move through that chaos that precedes change with your feet on the ground and your head connected to your own higher expression of self.

Now, it is no accident that this eclipse would go across the United States.  The United States is in need of a reset.  And one of the things that happens with an eclipse is that it’s a reset.  Like if there are too many things going on with your computer, you just have to turn it off and turn it on again – reset it.

And, with many people there are just too many things going on in your minds, in your thoughts, in your lives.  This is because chaos always precedes change.  Chaos is the harbinger of change.  And there is some great change that needs to occur on this planet.

Now, we would like to speak in terms of the landings because it is the Now for the people of earth to realize that they are not the most evolved species in the multi-verse.  There are many species that are far more evolved then those who are living in their earth vessel. 

Now we invite each of you to remember that you are all multi-dimensional beings.  And, just because your attention is primarily focused on your third-dimensional self, that does not mean that you do not have a fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth and moving on and on into the higher spheres of your essence - of your true multi-dimensional self.

This eclipse is a wakeup call to awaken to these higher frequencies of your own conscious – the higher frequencies of your decision making of your thinking of your emotions of your interactions. And, as a reminder to think big, think in a planetary manner. 

Humanity has been trained by the forces of darkness to put their nose against the grindstone and try to get there somehow.  But humanity is multi-dimensional and every one of you have higher expressions of yourself.  And it is through this eclipse, this opening of energy fields that you will be able to connect with your higher self if you are open to it.  And, if you are already open to it, then bring in that connection.  Stand tall with all the frequencies of yourself.

And ground yourself on beloved Gaia.  And remember that this is about planetary transition.  So we ask you all to move out of your personal issues, out of your personal life, out of your personal challenges and realize that you are a representative of the planet Gaia, of planet Earth who is a living breathing being.

And we ask you all to take this time to connect very, very deeply with beloved Mother Earth while you simultaneously feel this immense higher energy field.  Those of you who are deeply grounded in the Mother Gaia are going to be able to take in more of this higher frequency, because as you know, if you have a high frequency you have to ground it.  And those of you that don’t ground it in Gaia and those of you who are looking for some kind of personal question or personal gain – you will only get a small fragment of the energy field.

Energy is information.  Light is information.  This information is available to you when you are fully grounded into the body of Gaia and fully connected with the higher frequencies of your own multi-dimensional self.

SL:  So David would you like to share something now through your Arcturian self?

J: This is Juliano. The planetary transformation has accelerated on all levels.  This includes the social, spiritual, economic, political and yes even environmental.  We agree that this is an opportunity through the eclipse to deepen your connection with your personal relationship with Gaia. 

If you are so able during this eclipse go in your medicine wheel and you will feel a deeper and more intense connection to the earth.  And this deep connection to the Earth will elevate at the time of the eclipse your powers of planetary healing.

We are still aware that the Arcturian star seeds are a minority, a very small minority on this planet, but a very powerful group because of the special powers known as the ability to use powerful energy the Arcane Energy and Arcane Light.  So, think of the eclipse as a shining accelerator of activation and power to your Arcane thought field.  Correct your thoughts for higher manifestation and send thoughts of balance and peace to the world leaders.

In this very dangerous time let the balance and light of the Ascended Masters flow through you and to the planet during this period of eclipse totality and it will have a dramatic effect on this planet. 
I am Juliano.

SL/A:  Yes, this is Sue speaking and I know some of the people will be asking what is Arcane Energy.  Could you please explain that briefly?

DM/J: Arcane Energy is the measurement of thought power and it is compared to the wattage on a light bulb.  If you have a small light bulb that is ten watts, if you have a larger light bulb and it radiates more light at 60 watts. 

Arcane is an Arcturian term that is a reference for the power of your thought.  If your arcane energy is higher, say at 10 or 20, then what you’re thinking is going to illuminate on more light and have a more dramatic influence.  If you have a week Arcane power then it’s the light you’re giving off is only going to be a limited area.

But most important, there are certain events where your ability to generate Arcane Power is dramatically doubled or tripled, or even quadrupled.  And, the eclipse is an event which you can use to increase the Arcane Energy of your thoughts so they can have a more dramatic effect on the third dimension.  I hope that clarifies it.

SL/A:  Thank you very much.  So let’s all take along slow deep breath and take a moment to integrate everything that you have heard so far, and allow it to intermingle in your consciousness.  And as the new information intermingles into your consciousness, allow it to intermingle with the information that you have had before.  For earth is a very diverse planet and there are many, many different kinds of people.

And different kinds of people think different, feel different. And one of the things that we have an opportunity to achieve during this eclipse, if only on the united States where the eclipse is directly crossing is a sense of Unity Consciousness where every one can say,  “I am here for planet Gaia.  I am here to participate in planetary Ascension.” 

And, take that Now to move beyond any selfish personal needs desires or goals and to join in with the entire planet and send unconditional love and Blaze, Blaze, Blaze the Violet Fire, transmuting all shadow into Light, Light, Light.

So David I would say that this eclipse may possibility have a chance for many people to have a higher shift in their consciousness.  Could you address that please?

DM/J: Again, what you think may manifest because the powers of the Arcane Light during the eclipse, the arcane spirit light are magnificent.  Imagine if you will that you are in the most sacred place on the planet whether it be the Bell Rock,  whether it be the Vulcan Palaz,  the volcanic power in Costa Rica or any other beautiful place, the Bodensee in Lake Constance.  Imagine that you are in that place and you feel uplifted.  And so it is that this moment, or two minutes and forty-four seconds, will be an opportunity to manifest on Earth your higher spiritual wishes.

Whether it be for your own inner development on any level. And, I do want to emphasize any level – personal, spiritual, physical, economic, as well as on a planetary level.  So yes, Gaia is open to receiving especially the power of your thoughts and healings on this totality eclipse.

Back to you Suzanne.

SL/A:  Thank you, yes we agree that this is an opportunity to build Unity Consciousness.  For there is something that is happening across the entire United States and viewed by the greater part of the world and something that will be grabbing the attention of many, many people.  And if each of those people could just take a few minutes and send out Unconditional Love – just think what a gift that would be to the planet and to every single being that has life on dear Gaia’s body.

Thank you so much David. Did you have any final things you wish to say?

DM/J: I just want to send blessings of Arcturian light and I want all of our listeners and spirit friends to know that we the Arcturians also will be more available to work with you during this event, for we to know of the power of eclipse and the power of the dimensions. 

And yes, I know that each one of you will be focusing in particular on bringing fifth-dimensional light to this planet. And you may also focus on Arcturian blue light and focus on me and other Arcturian guides and teachers, for we will also be taking advantage of this conduit of light coming to planet Earth.  Good day.

SL/A:  Yes, a conduit of light.  And take advantage and remember what you give is more important than what you ask to get. So we encourage all of you to remember that you have an opportunity to assist your beloved planetary mother and we the Arcturians know that you will find in your hearts to share your blessings with your Divine Mother Earth – Gaia.

Blessings to you all.  See you in the eclipse.

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