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Learning/Remembering Light Language-Arcturians, Angels and Gaia-through SueLie

Learning/Remembering Light Language

I have always been fascinated by the messages that are displayed and/or hidden in pictures. I have also been fascinated by Light Language. I have been getting inner instructions for the Arcturians and my Galactic Family to "brush up on my Light Language in preparation for the landings.

"When will the landings occur?" I ask.

"When you can perceive it," is the answer.

"But how can I perceive it?" I ask.

"With Light Language." is my answer.

"Please explain." I ask.

"The Light Language has always been with you." is the answer. "But you have been trained to "read" or "hear" messages one word at a time. Light Language is much more of a "picture" than a collection of words."

"What do you mean by that?" I say.

"We will show you with Pictures." Is their answer. 

Below are the first pictures that I received in my imagination in the form of pictures...

As more and more Human Portals ground and project the higher frequencies of light, the baseline “state of consciousness” will raise for all humanity who are ready to accept it.

Unfortunately, there are still many humans who are unable to accept that Higher Light because they are unable to release their addiction to the third dimensional frequency of reality.

We call on all of our Ascending Ones to assist those who have not yet, been able to perceive and accept the light. Not only would you be assisting a fellow human, you would also be greatly assisting your Mother Gaia.

Thank you for assisting Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension.

The Angels, The Arcturians and ALL your Galactic Family

PS, please call on your Galactic Family for assistance, as we are HERE NOW within the higher dimensions of Earth.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Conversation With The Arcturians by Suzanne Lie and Shawnna Donop


Conversation with the Arcturians
Suzanne Lie and Shawnna Donop
On January 12, 2017

A:        Hello everyone we are the Arcturians, and we’re here with Shawnna again today.  Suzille and Shawnna wanted to have us check in with you because, wow, things are getting pretty challenging these days for a lot of our Ascending ones.

How about you Shawnna?  We know that Suzille is really having a lot of things going on.  How about you?

S:         I must admit that I’m feeling the same.  It’s an interesting whirlwind of activity for sure.

A:        Yes, what is actually occurring, especially for those who are the leaders, is that the leaders are being called into active duty NOW. The reason for that is because there’s a lot of higher frequency Light in the area through which Gaia is travelling within this NOW. 

Therefore, all of us, Galactic family, are right here to assist you.  The Pleiadians are here to assist you, we the Arcturians are here to assist you, and the Antareans are here to assist you. There are some Ascended Draconians, and they are also here to assist you.

We want you all to remember that you are not alone.  And, the Ascended Masters are there to assist you; the Archangels are there to assist you. And you can call on any of these beings that we have mentioned and any other beings that might be a part of your reality.

Call upon Jesus Sananda.  Jesus is now known as Sananda, and he is the commander of the Ashtar Command.  The Ashtar Command is in charge of the landings, and these landings will come.  They will come within the now.  We say, within the now because to us everything is within the now, because we no longer resonate to time.  But what we do resonate to is the energy fields of the majority of the people on the planet.

Now, as we tune into those energy fields within this NOW we see that there are the leaders who are going beyond the call of duty by writing, serving, giving, and helping.  At the other end of the spectrum there are people that are absolutely, completely asleep.  They have no idea whatsoever what is happening.

They are just having their third-dimensional lives, and that’s all they know about.  Then there are the people in the middle.  The people in the middle are the ones that are right on that threshold of awakening. 

These are the people that we, your Galactic family, are asking the leaders to focus on. Those who are absolutely uninformed and disinterested would likely only become frightened and angry by your fifth dimensional information.  So, in terms of what is best for the planet, it is best to allow those people to live that reality in the way they choose to live it.

These people are living on the third-dimensional matrix, and they will remain on the third-dimensional matrix. However, the third-dimensional matrix will be relocated to another planet. Therefore, nobody will be left behind. Nobody is going to fail Ascension. Everyone that’s in line for Ascension, will Ascend.

On the other hand, those who are not ready at all to encompass even that possibility will remain within their life as they know it.  They will be on the very same matrix that they have been on their entire life, and they will be wrapped around another planet that will appear to them to look exactly like Earth.

We want to let you all know that there is no need for fear. Those that have been called the Illuminati, the dark ones – all of those different labels, to those beings, we send Unconditional Love and Violet Fire. They will have their own matrix if they do not change. And, that matrix would be a lower fourth-dimensional matrix. 

The reason for this is because if they have not been able to learn about cause and effect while living on this planet, then they will go into the lower astral planes. On the lower astral planes, energy out immediately comes back. Then they will learn that, “Wow this isn’t a very nice way to behave because it really doesn’t feel good when it comes back.”

In this manner, they will learn. Then, when they learn, they will go to the other planet where the people are living on the matrix, and they will start again as “just regular, normal, humans” without the indoctrination and the fear that they suffered as members of the Illuminati.

Then there are our beloved, beloved ones who are working hard every day, every hour, every minute to adjust their consciousness, to send love, to assist others, and to go through intense meditations and initiations because they have decided, because they have dedicated, because they have promised to help Gaia.

Also, they remember that they are not here just for them selves. They remember their true, multidimensional selves. They remember their higher dimensional selves, they remember themselves on their home worlds, and they remember themselves on their Starships. And, they remember that they have chosen to remain on Gaia and assist others to remember their own Higher SELF.

We wish to thank you our dearest brave ones. We wish to send you all of our assistance. And, we remind you that your Galactic Family is always with you. We, the members of your Galactic Family, are always there to assist you.

Shawnna, did you wish to share anything or to ask us any questions?

S:         Yes, I’d actually like to start with just a statement of gratitude to say thank you for everything – the messages you bring through, the support, the encouragement, and the recognition that you just provided. Because I know that many of us are asking, “Are we doing enough? Are we succeeding? Are we able to expand our consciousness? How are we doing?” I think that’s helpful to hear that you pat them on the back for doing all of this difficult, challenging work, and to let them know that they are appreciated for it.

A:        Yes, and we thank all of you, our ambassadors to Earth, for thanking us. We thank you for realizing that we are real. And that even though, we are coming through the voice of a human who is wearing an Earth vessel, that we the Arcturians we are very real. In fact, we wish to speak for a moment for other beings, such as our one who is holding an Earth vessel through whom we can speak.

Many of you are going through very difficult initiations. And, you are not letting it stop you. You are going ahead and doing everything that your own higher guidance is telling you to do, in spite of the day-to-day issues that you have to address, as well as all the challenges that seem to be overwhelming.

We, the Arcturians, want to tell you that this situation that you are moving through is actually a training ground for you. You are moving into all the difficulties, challenges, and fears of that process of letting go of life as you know it, and letting go of everything that you thought was real.

Simultaneously, you are holding on to something that you can only perceive in your consciousness, that you can only perceive in your dreams and  that you can only in your meditations.

We remind you that every Ascended Master in the history of Earth has had to go through difficult initiation after initiation. In other words, they have had to clear the dross from their beingness.  They have had to realize that deep inside of them they have the courage, they have the Light, they have the connection, and they have the commitment to go through their Ascension process.

Now those that have gone before have had great challenges. There were many Ascended beings who went through their Ascension about two thousand years ago, during a period of about six hundred years. They came to Earth because that was a time in which Gaia was in very, very bad shape. 

Therefore, Gaia sent out her call. She said, “Dear, Dear ONE, I need some higher beings to come to my planet, in order to go through the process of Ascension. This process of personal ascensions will greatly assist me to raise the resonance of my planetary body. Because humanity has done such immense damage to my planet, I don’t know that I can stay on my axis without that assistance.

Gaia has had to put out this call two, three, four different times. We want you all to remember that Gaia is a living being just as you are. You are a living being that stands up, has a head at your top, and feet at your bottom. Gaia is a living being that is a circular being. 

She has a North Pole at the top of Her body, and a South Pole at the bottom of Her body. Humans have a heart and soul along your spinal column with their kundalini force inside their spinal column, and have ability to transmute themselves into Lightbodies. In the same manner, Gaia has a heart and soul within the very core of her circular body, where she has her Core Crystals that give her the ability to transmute into Lightplanet.

We wish all of you to take a moment of this now to allow yourself to imagine being in the core of Gaia. In the core of Gaia you will find the many high beings that are there assisting Gaia from within her core. 

Sanat Kumara and all of the other Kumaras that you may not know within this now, Ascended Masters, Archangels, Ascended Atlanteans, Ascended Lemurians, the Lemurians who have lived there since the fall of Lemuria, and the wonderful beings from Pan who preceded the reality of Lemuria.

There are so many beings there. We invite you all to ask Gaia, “Please dear Gaia, would you allow me to visit your core?” Then Gaia will ask you, “Do you love me, your Mother planet - unconditionally? Are you willing to serve me, your Mother planet, - unconditionally? Can you remember that you and I, planet and person, are one being - unconditionally?’ If you can say yes, then you will be allowed to visit the beautiful core of beloved Gaia.

Shawnna, did you have anything that you would like to say in conclusion of our discussion.

S:         As always, we truly appreciate your insight and the support. I think it’s a wonderful reminder that we are not here for ourselves; we’re here for the planet. It is so beautiful that we can dance this Ascension together and become one. Now that we have this invitation, I look forward to seeing every body there within Gaia’s core.

A:        Yes, and so do we, the Arcturians, and so do the Pleiadians, the Antarians and the many other beings that are assisting Gaia and ALL Her inhabitants. 

You, beloved humanity, are not alone within the core-and
You are not alone within your Higher Dimensional Expressions of SELF.

Blessings! We are happy to meet with any and all of you. Just call us with your unconditional love and we the Arcturians, as well as all of your other Galactic Family will come to assist you within this now.

Blessings to you all,
The Arcturians

If you would like a personal transcript of this message, please click  HERE

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Your Intimate Relationship with Gaia's Ascension--The Arcturians through Sue Lie


Your Intimate Relationship With Gaia’s Ascension

The Arcturians

A house, a car, and any “possession” with which a human shares their aura on a regular basis, is greatly affected by the human's aura that intermingles with the energy field of every third dimensional person, place, situation or thing.

All reality is based on energy. Some of that energy is of such a low frequency that it attracts matter around it to become a person, place, being, or thing. Many of you will notice that when you enter the car of another person, you can feel that person’s energy field when you enter their car.

This experience of perceiving the fourth and fifth dimensional auras of your surrounding reality, expands your consciousness, and hence your ability to perceive the higher frequencies of reality.

Once you have a conscious awareness of the higher frequency persons, places, situations and energy fields, your consciousness, and eventually your physical body, will slowly, or quickly, adapt to those slightly higher frequencies of reality. This process is often called “Ascension.”

This slightly higher frequency is much like your first steps up a high mountain. The mountain is very high, and you may or may not choose to go to its peak. Therefore, you connect with the concept of deciding if you have the dedication that is necessary to “climb to the peak of a mountain.”

If you have the dedication to form an intimate relationship with Gaia, you will perceive the process of ascension as a planetary event. Within the NOW of that perception, your consciousness expands beyond your third/fourth dimensional human consciousness and into your fifth dimensional planetary conscious.

Once your personal Sense of Self has expanded to include your Planetary Self, your consciousness you begin the “own” and can more fully adapt to the fifth dimensional Gamma Waves of Gaia’s Soul. Yes, Gaia is a living being with a Planetary Soul in the same manner as humanity has a human Soul.

It can be very difficult for some of you to realize that you are just an individual person. If that is your situation, then you can remain within the third and lower, fourth dimensional consciousness until you have completed your total exploration of “being an individual.”

Being an individual can only be experienced in the third dimension where the primary resonance of reality creates the illusion that each person, place or thing is separate from every other person, place or thing.

As Earth continues Her journey through space, she is traveling through many fifth dimensional energy fields that are attaching to Gaia and all Her inhabitants. These energy fields of fifth dimensional light are activating your 97% DNA, which has remained latent until this NOW of their activation via the higher light.

Please remember that your third dimensional life has been based on only 3% of your DNA and of your multidimensional potential. As the higher frequencies of light activate the latent potentials in all life on third dimensional Gaia, the illusion of separation, and the time that is created by separation, will shift into the NO time and NO separation of the fifth dimensional NOW.

All reality will change, but since humans have “free will” they can consciously or unconsciously choose NOT to perceive these changes. Please remember that all perceptions are in alignment with the state of consciousness of the perceiver.

Therefore, when a person choses to remain in third dimensional beta wave consciousness, they will be calibrated to only perceive the third-dimensional, beta wave reality. Therefore, these people will not perceive any changes in their reality—YET.

On the other hand, those who have expanded their consciousness into the fourth dimension, astral wave reality, will have vivid dreams, and their imagination will perceive the possibility of a world based on unity and equality for all.

Those of you who have expanded your consciousness into the fifth dimensional, gamma wave consciousness will be able to see the “unseen.” For example, you will likely begin by perceiving auras, having “flashes” of the future that come true, as well as a growing sense of unity with all life.

As your consciousness becomes increasingly fifth dimensional, that which was formerly known as “time” will be replaced by an ever-expanding experience of each moment blurring into the experience in which you are engaging within that NOW.

As long as your consciousness continues its expansion into the fifth dimension and beyond, you will naturally fall into an intimate relationship with all life, including the entire planet Earth. Eventually, you will expand your “sense of self” to include being ONE with the Planet.

Your third dimensional state of consciousness could only perceive your environment as something that is outside of you. Therefore, your third dimensional self often thought in terms of “control over,” rather than “co-operation with.”

Fortunately, as your thinking expanded from control over to co-operation with, your consciousness expands into your higher brainwaves. Once your consciousness has expanded, your perceptions also expand.

As your perceptions extend into higher frequencies on a regular basis, you will slowly, or quickly, be able to believe that what you perceive is “real,” even if that perception seems impossible to your third dimensional thinking. What is within this NOW is that more and more of you are beginning to consciously perceive the higher fourth and fifth dimensions of reality.

Of course, you can only do so when you are calm and centered enough to allow your breathing to slow, your hearing to expand, and your sight to focus on the energy fields that are is “just beyond” your physical reality.

There are many new higher dimensional perceptions that are “coming online” within your Multidimensional Mind. Then, as you are able to blend your daily thoughts and emotions with your Multidimensional Mind, you will perceive not just your third dimensional reality, but also the higher dimensional overlay of those perceptions.

Your challenge NOW is that Gaia’s higher resonance is revealing the many lies that you have been told, as well as the truths that are now entering your higher perceptions. These revelations can make your 3D life can feel pretty “bumpy.”

However, as your consciousness expands into consciously experiencing “moments of the NOW” you will begin to understand that which was once beyond your conception! At this point of expansion, you may become so disoriented that your consciousness may fall back into third dimensional thinking.

Your first excursions into the fifth dimension can appear to be “very brief,” or “not at all” because your third dimensional brain has difficulty retaining a memory that is “outside of third-dimensional time.”

This problem will be solved as your 97% Junk DNA is activated by the Higher Light. As the higher frequencies of light turns on more and more of what was once known as your “junk DNA,” many innate, but long forgotten, truths will be remembered.

However, only fifth dimensional Gamma Waves can only activate your 97% “junk DNA.” Fortunately, this “junk DNA,” is NOW being activated by the higher frequencies of light coming to Earth.

Hence, those of you who were only using 2% of your potential are suddenly, or slowly, using up to 98% of your potential. Within the NOW of that leap in personal potential, you will be called on to make decisions regarding the degree of commitment to Planetary Ascension that you wish to hold in your heart.

This decision will determine what you will need to change and/or release in order to continue your dedicated service to Gaia. Some humans may decide, “No, I don’t think I believe in this planetary ascension thing. I just want to create a good life for me and my family.”

Others may say, “Yes, I want to assist with planetary ascension in any way that I can. Therefore, I will let go of that which interferes with my ability to assist with Planetary Ascension – no matter what.” In order to fulfill your “goal” of ascending with Gaia, you will need to love Gaia much more than you love your third dimensional goals and desires.

Dedication, devotion, commitment, perseverance, and loyalty to planetary ascension are necessary for you to complete your process of returning to your fifth dimensional expression of SELF.

Please remember that your highest expression of SELF will be with you to guide you through the many challenges of planetary ascension. Your intimate relationships with others, your inner self, your higher guidance, and your planetary Mother Gaia will also assist you in your personal and planetary ascension.

In fact, it is your own higher dimensional SELF who will guide you through the challenges of daily life, your intimate relationships with others, as well as your expanding relationship with your self and with your planet Gaia.

Unconditional love and personal dedication are the secrets to the fulfillment of your personal, group, and planetary expansion into the higher frequencies of reality. We see that many of our wonderful Emissaries to Earth have suffered, cried, and failed, but they continued on, no matter what.

We see that it is the unconditional love for each other, for your families, your work, your creativity, as well as your commitment to your Mission that you chose before you took this embodiment. We also see your great dedication and bravery.

We see the sacrifices that you are making in order to assist with personal and planetary ascension. We also see the ‘challenges” that you have called into your daily life and physical form.

You have taken on these challenges because you are ready and dedicated to expand your consciousness in order to prepare for the body of light, your Lightbody, which resonates inside your spinal column, within your Kundalini.

We see how your Lightbody SELF, in its dormant state of Kundalini energy, awaits the awakening of the “sleeping serpent” that is curled up within your First Chakra. The awakening of your inner force of kundalini will initiate your transmutation into Lightbody. 

When you return to your fifth dimensional Lightbody SELF, you will fully realize that YOU are the relationships that you have, and YOU are the reality you have created.

As you return to your fifth dimensional Lightbody SELF, you will all remember that you are ONE who volunteered to take an earth vessel on Gaia in this NOW to assist dear Mother Earth with Her ascension into Her fifth dimensional Lightbody PLANET.

            Blessings, we are the Arcturians and your entire Galactic Family.