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Leaving Time- The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie


Leaving Time

By the Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Leaving time is a very confusing concept for many of our grounded ones, as “time” has been the ONE stable component of their 3D life. However, once their consciousness began to resonate to the fourth dimension, they realized there was a deep urge to be creative and to use their mind in a more exploratory, creative manner.

But, just as they began to fly off in their mind, something in their daily life called them to return. Of course there were the artists and the mystics who chose their inner world over the outer worlds. Sometimes that worked for them, but sometimes they found themselves without the necessities of the third dimensional reality.

So how can our grounded ones find their way to functioning in the third dimensional reality of time, space, polarity and cause and effect while they also leave “time” in order to experience the NOW of the new fifth dimensional energy fields that are increasingly merging with their third dimensional life?

How does one live a third dimensional life of being ruled by the clock, while they also escape into the fifth dimensional NOW for some deep rest, relaxation and education? This question is more easily answered than it is lived.

For one thing, as our grounded ones begin to expand their primary attention into their fifth dimensional frequency of consciousness, they begin to lose track of time, space becomes a multidimensional reality, and their consciousness begins to wander into the higher dimensions without the permission of their 3D mind.

The first meanderings of the 3D mind beyond its normal limitations of a 3D reality, often takes their wandering consciousness into the fourth dimensional astral world. In these lowest realms of the fourth dimension, often known as the “Lower Astral Plane” the 3D mind perceives the fears that have created limitations to take hold in their daily life.

When the owner of that 3D mind, is able to look into his/her past fears and sorrows, they create a pathway through which their mind can expand into the higher sub-planes of fourth dimension in which their innate imagination becomes activated.

However, fears of failure must be faced before one can step into the reality of being a creative person. Most of these fears were implanted in them when they were young, they brought forth these unresolved fears from another incarnation, or the fears are social fears, which an awakened person is aware of.

If one can look into their personal and social fears, stand tall and send these fears the healing force of Unconditional Love, then transmute these healing fears into the next higher octave of reality with the Violet Fire, they can open the portal to their Multidimensional SELF.

Once a connection is made with one’s Multidimensional SELF, their Multidimensional Mind becomes activated. Then, because their Multidimensional Mind is activated, they have a multidimensional operating system, which can translate the fifth dimensional and beyond perceptions into the conscious awareness of the 3D brain.

The 3D brain is not capable of perceiving, understanding, or interacting with higher frequency versions of reality. Therefore, the “owner of this brain” walks daily through a multidimensional reality, but he/she is only aware of the lower frequency third dimensional aspects of their life.

However, now that higher frequencies of light are entering Earth’s atmosphere, more and more people are beginning to perceive that which had always been invisible, silent, un-imaginable, and even impossible.

Their reaction of “perceiving beyond the veil” can be quite emotional, and many choose to totally ignore that which they cannot understand. It is for this reason that we, your Galactic Family and higher dimensional expressions of your SELF, are contacting our human expressions through as many “channels” as possible.

By “channels,” we mean the ground ones who remember, or never forgot, their higher dimensional expressions of SELF in the higher dimensional versions of reality. Some of the newly awakening ones can be shocked, or even frightened, by the visions, auditory messages that only they hear, bodily sensations and/or remembered dreams of other realities.

Our grounded ones have been taught since childhood that their physical world is the only world. Yes, there is the sky, but that only included where airplanes fly. But now, these third dimensional frequencies of the “sky” are expanding into and blurring with the higher dimensional frequencies of reality.

However, the third dimensional brain is only calibrated to perceive and consciously interact with the third dimensional frequency of reality. Fortunately, only about 3% of your physical brain is needed for the limited, third dimensional perceptions of reality.

So, what is happening within the 97% of your unused brain? We are within your NOW to inform you that the part of your brain that is NOT being used in your third dimensional versions of reality, is actually VERY active in your higher dimensional versions of reality. In fact, the higher dimensional realities that you can perceive are actually higher dimensional realities of your own Multidimensional SELF.

However, the controllers of the third dimension, who are largely limited to only 3% of their brain, must make sure that those whom they believe they are controlling also limit themselves to 3% of their brain.

This is very frightening to the “3D Controllers” because they are aware that because they live their reality within the lower third dimension of “power over others,” they cannot expand their consciousness into the higher dimensions.

What these ancient, controlling ones never learned was that when one acts via a “power over others” format, they have totally separated themselves into an individual format. This “individual consciousness format” is usually driven by the need to maintain “power over others.”

Being “only a 3D individual” with NO contact with their higher dimensional expressions of SELF, limits their experience of reality to the 3D Matrix. Most of these “seemingly human, but actually devoid of human heritage” are not aware that they have trapped themselves in the 3D Matrix.

There are still millions of others who are still trapped in the 3D Matrix, over whom they can exert their “power over others.” However, the fifth dimensional light that is continuing to flow deeper and deeper into Gaia’s atmosphere and planetary body is beginning to infiltrate and over-ride the third dimensional light waves.

In the same manner that clear water becomes pink as you drip red dye into it, the third dimensional light becomes fourth dimensional, and eventually, fifth dimensional as the fifth dimensional light waves continually intermingle with the third and fourth dimensional frequencies of light.

Those, whose consciousness can only attend to the third and lower fourth dimensions of reality, will NOT be able to perceive the higher dimensions of reality. And, even if they could briefly perceive these higher frequencies, they could not believe that they are real.

They cannot believe that the higher dimensions are real because, then their own conscience, which was lost during their early years of indoctrination, would be ignited and they would NOT be able to treat others in a fashion that they would not treat themselves.

It was an important part of their early brainwashing that it was “weak” to NOT have power over others. None of these children wanted to be weak, so they sought to have power over others. You realize how much of your third dimensional reality is based on competition and the winner is better—no matter how they win.

Of course, we are happy to perceive that more and more members of humanity are only seeking their own “Power Within.” When one seeks their own Power Within, they begin the process of returning to a conscious connection with their own Multidimensional SELF.

Power Over Others is limited to the third dimensional and lowest astral planes. Power Over is a short-term solution because, eventually, those who they have tried to maintain “power over” will find their own Power Within.

Once one regains their own “Power Within” they have the courage, and tenacity, to rise up against those who have had power over them. This cycle of, “being victimized, then finally conquering the victimizer” has been repeated uncountable times during Gaia’s long history.

It has been a “favorite holographic reality” to teach a strong sense of inner power and courage. However, Gaia tires of running this holographic program. For one thing, it is usually Gaia’s Earth Body that is left damaged by humanity’s many wars.

Gaia’s main concern is that She is being called Home into a higher dimensional expression of Her Planetary SELF. Just as humanity has greatly suffered during Earth’s descent into the third dimension, Gaia—the living essence of planet Earth—has also suffered.

One thing that many humans are still unaware is that Gaia has been silently expanding Her Planetary Consciousness into the higher fourth and lower fifth dimensional resonance of reality. All reality has a resonance, a frequency rate, which defines the dimension of reality that is experienced for all those who reside within that reality.

Gaia has resonated to the third and fourth dimensions of reality since she almost fell off Her axis long, long ago. Gaia knows what many humans do not know, which is that the era of habitation of Earth’s third dimensional frequency is ending.

However, you must think in “planetary time.” Therefore, this ending could take countless years for humanity, but Gaia can see that possible reality and has “set Her planetary sights” on expanding Her resonance beyond Her present third/fourth dimensional frequency rate into Her fifth dimensional frequency rate.

Many humans have felt the inner call from Gaia, their planetary mother, to join Her, and hopefully assist Her, as she expands her “habitation zone” into the higher fourth and fifth dimension. 

Many Shamans and Astral Travelers have journeyed into Gaia’s fourth dimensional habitation zone. But, within this NOW, more and more earth-bound humans are expanding their consciousness into the fifth dimension.

With this fifth dimensional consciousness they are able to see our Starships and even remember your nightly visits to your Starships or Home Worlds. In other words, your Multidimensional Consciousness is ever expanding into the conscious reception of fifth dimensional, and beyond, energy patterns.

These energy patterns can be translated as visions and/or channels form your higher self, nightly visits in your higher dimensional body to your Ship and/or Homeworld and/or direct instructions from your own Higher Self to assist you, as you assist Gaia.

Humanity is beginning to awaken from a long “sleep” in the third dimension. Humans often think that they are “awake” while they are operating via their third dimensional consciousness.

However, to us in the higher dimensions, we perceive humanity as being “asleep” while they are in their third-dimensional, Physical Body. And we perceive humanity as being “awake” as they travel in their fourth-dimensional, Astral Body.

We are very pleased to add that we are VERY pleased to perceive more and more of humanity as being “awake” as you join us on the Ship, or your Homeworld, in your fifth-dimensional Light Body.

As more and more of you “flash into Lightbody” while you are awake to your third dimensional reality, you will GREATLY assist Gaia with Her “flashing” into Her fifth dimensional Light Planet.

Blessings to you all,
We await the vision of your wonderful Light Show
The Arcturians

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Third Message from The Golden Ones-Creating New Earth--Through Sue Lie

Third Message from The Golden Ones


Through Suzanne Lie

We are the Golden Ones, here with you all within this NOW. As you may remember, we are Gaia’s highest expression of SELF. We maintain the frequency spectrum of Gaia’s many versions of reality while she continues Her Ascension Process. 

From our perspective on the Threshold into the fifth dimension, we can see the entire spectrum of our dear, Grounded One’s collective ascension experiences. This “spectrum” represents a huge spectrum of light/realities.

From our multi-dimensional perspective, there is NO difference between “Realities” and “Light” because all reality is light and light creates all of reality.

All reality is created by projections, angles, and frequencies of light that are magnetized into your Third Eye and High Heart to be fully transmuted into the illusion of an “external reality.”

While you are wearing your third dimensional Earth Vessel, it is easy, and natural, to perceive your self as a human who has a Soul. However, from our perspective of the Golden Ones, we perceive all reality as various configurations of swirling light.

This swirling light is multidimensional. The variations of color and the forms created by the myriad light projections are beautiful to behold. Within this NOW, we wish to inform you that we also have another Service.

Within this NOW, we are HERE to assist all of you whose consciousness can inter-face with the frequency range of our consciousness. This ability to align with our fifth dimensional and beyond consciousness only occurs when you ready to align your consciousness with the fifth dimensional sub-plane of your Multidimensional SELF.

We say, “the fifth dimensional sub-plane of your Multidimensional SELF,” because the fifth dimension is the Threshold to all the vast multidimensional realities. The fifth dimensional reality is beyond the conception of those who have not taken the journey deep into their own consciousness to meet and heal ALL the incarnations that they have EVER taken on planet Earth.

You see, ascension is much like leaving the stadium after a huge event. However, YOU are the creator of the event, the star performer of that event, as well as the director and producer of that event. Also, you have created many “events,” which we perceive as “incarnations into a physical, earth vessel.”

The NOW of your current reality is very special because the ever rising frequency rate of your planetary Mother Gaia greatly facilitates your ability to expand your consciousness beyond the limitation of your third/fourth dimensional earth vessel and into what humanity has believed to be the Threshold to the Fifth dimension.

We, the Golden Ones, resonate to the frequency of this fifth dimensional threshold and into what you have often called “New Earth.” We have located ourselves on this threshold so that we can best serve to assist all the Ascending Ones to remember, and clear, every incarnation they have ever taken on Gaia.

The only way to “infinitely remain within the resonance of the fifth dimension” is to clear and transmute, ALL residues of any lower frequency experiences that you ever had in ALL your incarnations. We, the Golden Ones, are here at the threshold of the resonance of the “fifth dimensional reality matrix” to assist you with this final, pre-ascension clearing.

By the word “clearing” we mean, “balancing” all the energy fields of all your incarnations to the extent that you can gain and maintain an energy field of the highest frequency of mind and body, that you experienced during all of your many incarnations.

Just as one needs to take all their “stuff” when they move to another house, you will need to take (transmute) all your karma. By “karma” we mean the collective energy field that is the resonant frequency of all the incarnations you ever experienced.

Once you have expanded your consciousness to the frequency of our Golden Portal, we will assist you to “over light” every reality you ever experienced in all the incarnations that you experienced on Gaia. From our point of perception, these realities are all unified into ONE swirling energy field.

This energy field is the sum total of every incarnation, or visits to Earth, you ever experienced in the sum/total of ALL your 3D/4D incarnations. From the perspective of your third/fourth dimensional consciousness, you may think that there are only a few who would be in this group.

However, we The Golden Ones, want you to know that there is an ever-expanding, Golden Energy Field that our “graduates from 3D” are learning to maintain infinitely via their collective consciousness.

“Collective consciousness” is the norm in our world, as there is NO separation of any kind in the fifth dimensional HERE and NOW. Once you have expanded your consciousness into the fifth dimensional resonance, you will be asked to bond with and cross the energy field between the Threshold to the fifth dimension and the fifth dimensional octave of reality.

It is within that NOW that you will need to TOTALLY transmute any dissonant energy patterns that you may have left on Gaia from any of your third or fourth dimensional incarnations.

We also wish to remind you to leave your gift of Unconditional Love and Violet Fire in any of the times or dimensions of reality that you have visited as a, “Thank You, Dear Gaia for allowing us to enter your multidimensional portals.”

These multidimensional portals have always existed on Gaia, but usually only “primitive tribes,” animals, birds, and insects could maintain a connection with Gaia that was innocent enough to be able to UNDERSTAND what Gaia’s opened portals were saying to them.

By the term “innocent connection,” we mean a connection that is as open and honest as that of a small child. We, the Golden Ones, have observed how many humans have lost their ability to look through the innocence of Heart and Mind as they begin to “mature.”

Without this “innocence of Heart and Mind,” many humans lose their ability to experience the innocence of Gaia’s Nature. By “the innocence of Gaia’s Nature,” we mean Nature’s inability to lie.

During primitive realities and peak societies, Nature was beloved and protected by humanity. Therefore, Nature had NO fear, which was largely because the people had NO fear of Nature.

To these innocent, or expanded people, Nature was a huge living being that spoke to them through the weather. To them, a storm did not mean that something was bad. Instead, they realized that after the storm was over, all that was not strong enough to remain attached to their roots was ready to return Home to their Sky Gods.

They also noticed how the young trees with healthy roots could bend with the wind. However, the older trees, which were more brittle, and the trees with unhealthy roots, were pulled from the soil.

Then, the “dead tree” lying on the ground became the home form many insects and other creatures that needed a new home after the storm. Nature does not “kill.” Nature “recycles.
When something, or someone, has become too ill, or too old, to contribute to Gaia, they are released from their physical earth vessel and return HOME to their Spirit.

Then, after the Spirit has shared all that it learned while in physical form, and has re-visited its higher dimensional home, the Spirit decides if it wishes to:
Take another earth vessel,
Return to their fifth dimensional Star Ship or Homeworld to learn more,
Or assist those on Earth from the higher dimensions,

In earlier eras on Gaia, there were many Shamans and Awakened Ones who could read the Light Language sent to them from those who resonated to the higher dimensions.

They could receive these messages via the Light Language that Gaia spoke with Her third dimensional weather, Her fourth dimensional dreams and meditations, as well as Her fifth dimensional Soulful yearnings.

All Light is shared with All Life. However, only those who are willing to expand their consciousness enough to be able to perceive the Light Language that constantly swirls above, around, and through them, are even aware that Light Language exists.

Light and reality are ONE. Light creates reality, but each reality can only exists for as long as it can capture and contain enough light to “feed” the energy field of that reality.

Reality is constructed of the sum/total of light and matter. Light is necessary to create, contain, and disburse itself through a given energy field. However, in order for light to create a reality, it must bond with some frequency of matter.

It is the bonding of light (which includes all mental and emotional constructs) with matter (which is the “building block of life”) that creates and maintains an ongoing reality. We, the Golden Ones, can assist Gaia’s transmutation by directing our multidimensional light through Gaia’s opened planetary portals.

It is the residents of Earth that must maintain these open portals through which our higher light can flow. As we, the Golden Ones, direct our multidimensional light through these opened portals, Gaia’s transmutation into Her fifth-dimensional, planetary expression will begin and be maintained. It is no coincidence that so many of you humans on Earth are openly talking about ascension into their fifth dimensional expression of SELF.

In fact, this “concept of ascension” has filled the consciousness of many humans because you, the members of humanity, are consciously, or unconsciously, receiving the Light Language messages that are increasingly flowing into your reality within this NOW.

You are consciously, or unconsciously, remembering how to perceive, and then receive, the Light Language messages in the same manner that you consciously, or unconsciously, have received your human language. This manner was that you learned your language from your family.

In the same manner, you will learn Light Language from your family of Earth’s inhabitants, as well as from your higher dimensional Galactic Family. Humanity has been praying, chanting, meditating, etc., in order to increase their ability to speak with the higher planes of reality since the dawn of time.

What is changed is that, as Gaia’s frequency increasingly rises, many fifth dimensional beings, who have been waiting for the NOW to assist with planetary ascension, are taking earth vessels.

Most important, more and more of you on Earth are remembering about your life beyond the limitations of third dimensional time and space. In fact, more and more of you are feeling the urge to embrace the NOW of each moment.

What we mean by, “embracing the NOW of each moment,” is that YOU have a choice to calibrate your attention to the dimension of your choice. You NOW have a choice to expand your “range of conscious perception” to encompass the third, fourth AND fifth dimension.

The awakened adults of your NOW have been studying, communicating, learning and meditating for decades so that they can expand their consciousness, as well as their perceptions, beyond the outer, daily life of the third dimension.

You, the awakening ones, are learning, and remembering, that you CAN “find the time” to meditate, and be creative enough that you can expand your brainwaves beyond your third dimensional beta wave consciousness into your fourth dimensional alpha wave consciousness.

Within this “time” that YOU have created for your SELF, you are choosing to construct a life that involves personal and group creative expression, time with nature, lively conversations with friends and family, and remembering how to inter-act with Gaia in the same manner that you would interact with a human.

Would you throw your trash at a human’s face? Would you walk past a human friend and forget to say, “Hello, how are you doing today? Would you have a drink of water without offering a glass of water to your friend? Would you take your trash and dump it on your neighbor’s front yard?

How often do you remember to acknowledge a beautiful flower, a clear sky, or a tall tree? How often do you look into a clear sky and give thanksgivings?
How often do you look into the sky and transmute the smog and chemtrails?

How often have you found the “time” to do something for your planet, or even for your fellow man, or even an animal in need?

We are proud to say that more and more of you can say,
“YES, I just did that the other day.”

However, some of you would confess, “Oh, I got lost in all the fearful propaganda on Earth and forgot that I AM the creator of my life. But, when I stepped under my favorite tree, I remembered that “I” am the creator of my life. Then I said,

“Dear Gaia, I love you unconditionally and I Blaze, Blaze, Blaze the Violet Fire
            Transmuting ALL shadow into Light, Light, Light.”

We, The Golden Ones, want to share with you that there is a “line forming” at our fifth dimensional threshold. Every day, more and more Multidimensional Beings are peeking out of their 3D earth vessel to say,

“Good Morning Mother Gaia.
Today I vow to remember that
And YOU, Dear Mother Gaia, are ME!

We, the Golden Ones, invite you all to begin your day with the above short sentence. If you do so, you will likely discover two things:

One, you will discover that Gaia, Mother Earth, is ALIVE!
Two, you will discover, how seldom you have said, “Good Morning Gaia.”

How often would you forget to say “Good Morning!” to the people that you live with?

When you remember to say “Good Morning” to your planet, you will also remember to say “Good Morning” to your family, your roommates, your neighbors, your trees, your flowers, your self, and YES, your many Higher SELVES.

We, the Golden Ones, remind you to begin your day by saying,
“Good Morning Golden Ones!”

By that simple statement, you will align yourself with us,
“The Protectors of the Portals to fifth dimensional Earth.”

We ask that you then align your physical, self with your physical planet. So that,
The Golden Ones,
The Humans,
Planet Gaia
Can work as ONE to ascend Earth into Her fifth dimensional expression of New Earth!

We, The Golden Ones, welcome you to our Threshold and will assist you to join us.


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Written Version of Q & A with Council of PSA - Suzanne Lie & Shawnna Donop


Q&A questions to Council of Pleiadians, Sirians and Arcturians from 2-15-17
By Suzanne Lie and Shawnna Donop

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Shawnna:  Let’s begin with a question about connecting to higher selves and being guided.  A reader says, “I do not think of it as by chance that I’m attracted to your messages and such material.  But apart from blogs, websites and books etc., I do not have a direct way of communicating with higher dimensional beings.  In the current situation, I want to have someone to guide me closely whenever I ask.”

But I’m just an ordinary human being with ordinary capabilities.  I do not even to begin to understand meditation until now.  How can people like me get to know or meet their higher self and be guided?

Sue:    Okay, that’s a great question.

Everyone who is now talking and channeling to higher beings are normal people and they did start off like people like you.  And, I started off like a normal person like you.  The meditating is kind of a part of it but you don’t have to call it ‘official’ meditating.  Basically what that means is that you put aside --- now the Arcturian’s are telling me to answer this question.  This is how I, as a normal person started.

What I did was to put aside a certain time that I would try to do, as many days as I could.  I looked at my work schedule, put in as many of those days as I could and I went into a room because my daughter had gone to school, so I finally had some time. 

And, I went down there at the same time, same place.  I gathered spiritual information and I read something spiritual for fifteen or twenty minutes.  Then I just closed my eyes and relaxed.  When I closed my eyes and relaxed I just allowed different thought’s and experiences to come into my mind.

The first being that I talked to was actually the Antarians.  The Arcturians were not the first.  And, I just talked with these.  I didn’t know who the Antarians were.  But beings were talking to me.  Then the Pleiadans came in and then I started talking to the Pleiadans.  Then the Pleiadans showed me this thing where I went to this place and I put my hands on this thing.  Oh there’s this SK7 that I talked to before.  I put my hands on this place and a portal opened and the Arcturians came in.

So it was a process.  I meditated for quite a while before, or whatever you want to call it because it wasn’t any type of official.  At that point I had not had one single meditation class.  Later on I had more of them. 

And, I would suggest to all of you to take as many meditation classes as you can.  Because, besides being really fun, it really helps you to discover the best way for you to go inside of yourself.

So Shawnna, do you think I’ve answered that.  Are there any parts of it that you think were unanswered?

Shawnna:      No, I think that’s good and I think it’s a good question too because a lot of people are feeling that pull to connect with their higher guidance.  And, the best way to begin is to refine your mind and emotions and thought forms and that’s definitely an inherent part of meditation.  Each person is unique so their gifts are different; the way they connect is different.  They will just be figuring out what works for them as they go forward.

Sue:    Yes, and I took probably three meditation classes before I was ready to meditate on my own.  So don’t feel bad if you say, “Oh, what’s this meditation?”  Take a class.  There are always classes.  Did you ever take classes Shawnna?

Shawnna:  No, I think – how did I come across – I actually started with visualization meditations.  I think Oprah recommended it.  I thought, ‘I’m going to try that.”  So I figured that would be a good way to get me started.  And now, I have my own methods of quick connection, just like a lot of us are feeling the enhanced frequency.  So it’s easier than ever to reach that state of consciousness.

Sue:    It is definitely easier than ever.  But at the same time, you know – the darkest night is just before dawn.  So, it’s easier than ever to get to that connection, but at the same time there’s more confusion.  So, everything is brighter, stronger, louder and in technicolor now.

Shawnna:      That’s right.

Sue:    Okay, next question.

Shawnna:  A reader asks:  I’d like to know if I should talk about ET’s openly and publically and do the best that I can to assist that initiative while at the same time knowing that I could possibly be harmed or a target for mal-intent.  What suggestions do you have on personal disclosure?

Sue:    That’s a good question.  There are three components and maybe you can break it down.  What is the first component – the first thing that she said?

Shawnna:      Question part 1 -- Speaking about our Galactic Family openly and publically.

Sue:    Okay.  No.  No, do you think I’m at the grocery store and I’m talking to people about Galactics?  No.  And, could I talk to a single member of my family?  Absolutely, never, never, never.  Okay, how many friends do I have that I can talk to about that?  I can count them on one hand.  My husband, he can take a little bit of information, but not a whole lot,   “Okay, good – that’s enough now.”

You have to really be sensitive because this can be frightening to people.  So you are not going to go up to someone in the grocery store and say, “hey, did you hear the latest things about the ET’s?”  They’d go, “whoa, she crazy.”  This is still a reality that we live in.  So, you kind of have to be careful. 

Now, one of the things that I’ve always said to people is that the fact that you are getting information means that your third eye and higher hearing is open more than you might think that they are.  So, you can use that to actually psychically feel, or psychically look through your third eye – however way you want to call it at somebody. 

You can then see their Aura.  You can see whether or not – like if you see that there’s a little break between the top of their head and their Aura – no, they are totally not ready for that information.  So, you really need to look with your third eye and feel with your high heart to determine whether or not those people are ready for that information.  And, if they aren’t then don’t tell them.

And, you can always start off with, “oh, what do you think about the ET stuff that’s going on?  How do you feel about Galactics??  Okay, if they haven’t said anything then you can say, “I think it’s the silliest thing ever, or oh wow, I think it’s really cool.”  There you go.

Shawnna, do you want to add anything to that?

Shawnna:      Yes, well it’s an interesting discussion and this was actually brought up in our Leadership Group. We were discussing this, and we were trying to figure out what makes sense to share with our family members.  And, sometimes we receive guidance that we are to tell our families.  And, how we decide to do that is maybe up to us.  And, like you said, maybe it’s just a little tidbit of truth or a seed that can be planted to create an expanded awareness when the time is right.  And, maybe a little light goes off in their head, like, “Oh, maybe I’ll have to check that out.”

Each person’s different.  So you’ll have to see what makes sense to share with each person.  It’s unique.

Sue:    Yes, and what the Arcturians have said many times is that we’re like Johnny Appleseed.  And we’re going around the world and we’re dropping little seeds.  Sometimes there are seeds and sometimes there’s the parable from the Bible. 

Sometimes the seed will land on a harsh rock and it’s burnt and it can’t grow. 

Sometimes the seed will fall into the water and it’s too much water and it drowns and it can’t grow. 

But, sometimes the seed drops right on perfect soil with a perfect amount of water and then that seed will grow.

So you can just drop your seeds and just drop the seed and you find out what your seed is.  But, also remember, and I might have said this already – but remember that you can use your third eye to look at somebody and look at the top of their head.  If there’s a little disconnect between the energy field above their head and their actual head, they’re not ready yet. 

So, that’s okay.  It’s not your job you don’t have to prepare them.  Please, don’t try to prepare them or anyone because this is really ‘out there’ stuff for a lot of people.  So your best is to just wait until they get to that first part on their own and then you can share it with them.  What do you think about that Shawnna?

Shawnna:      Each person, if they’re ready and willing will be open when the time is appropriate.  Everybody has their own awakening schedule, and if it’s not their time, eventually that will happen, but it’s not for us to impose that information on others.  Just have a sense that they are ready to have a little boost of information, and that’s where we can assist.

Sue:    Sometimes, and I can remember one time I was in a dock in northern California, it seems like a pretty redneck place, and this person yelled out across the dock some spiritual thing about spaceships.  I turned around and thought, ‘wow.’  I would never, in a million years think that somebody like this – but, he was a fisherman.  He was a fisherman and he’s out with nature all day long.  So, it depends you never can tell.  Sometimes you’re surprised by the people that are really interested in this.

Shawnna:      Yes, and it’s interesting if we imagine every person on the planet, and I’m sure everyone has a personal story to share, but we have fear within our selves to discuss these things. That’s programming that’s been built in along the way, I’m sure, to keep us from feeling like we can share openly.  And, that leads to the next part of the question.

Question Part 2:  Should we hold fear about any repercussions about sharing truths like these.

Arcturians:   Now, the question of – should we hold fear has two parts.  1) Should we hold fear?  Now the answer to that is no.  You should really, really set your intention.  Do not hold the fear. 

Now, that does not mean – should you have fear?  Because fear is a warning.  Fear is not a bad thing.  Fear is the warning.  But, it’s like a ding, ding, ding.  But, if your whole life said ding, ding, ding then how would you know that that fear is a warning because you always have that fear in your life.

So, you need to clear out all the fear so that when there is a warning you are able to receive it.  Fear is not a bad thing.  Fear is just a warning.  Fear says, ‘look out, be careful, oops don’t do that, turn right, don’t turn left.” 

And then there are certain kinds of warnings that you will get such as the ‘turn right’ and then you find out that there was an accident.  If you had turned left then you would have been in the accident.  But, you heard to turn right and you turned right.

Moving On to the second question:

Sue:    Okay, next question.

Shawnna:      Dear council:  I’m confused and moved when it is said that we have come to help in the Ascension of Gaia.  Have we come simultaneously to aid our Ascension or not?  After all in the energy unit, Gaia and humans are all One.

Sue/Arcturians:        I really like the part where Gaia and humans are all One.  The Arcturian’s are speaking through me now but it’s not exactly them. 

People say, “I want to Ascend, I want out of here.”  I want out of here is not what creates Ascension. 

Ascension means that one has given up their whole for a greater good.  Look at Ascended beings.  Look at what happened with the Buddha, look at what happened with Jesus, and look at what happened with Mohammad.  All of the Ascended beings went through a process. 

Being Ascended is not a walk in the park.  Being Ascended is that you really take a good look at yourself and that you think of something that is bigger and more important than yourself.

So, I think I lost track of what the question was.

Shawnna:  It’s about concerning the Ascension of Gaia and how it’s simultaneously affecting our personal Ascension.

Sue/Arcturians:  So, as soon as one – like personal Ascension is very often, ‘I want out of here, I’m sick of it.”  You don’t Ascend because you’re sick of it.  You Ascend because you have given to your planet,  to your reality, to your culture, to your people the very, very best of you.  And, that you have so beloved whoever you have assisted that you have given of yourself when you were tired, when you were hungry, when you are sick.

Ascension is not easy.  Planetary Ascension is even more difficult because not only is one person lifting their one person, all of the people that are able to embrace the concept of Ascension and daring enough to believe in themselves and believe in their own inner guidance – if they all band together and they band together with Gaia – now that is what creates an Ascension energy field.

Shawnna:      And that follows the theme of the next question.  I think that leads into this discussion about how some of the blog posts that you’ve had have been about Gaia being in distress and how we grounded ones are needed to help her Ascend.  Yet the New Earth already exists outside of time in the fifth-dimension and beyond.  They’re confused about how Gaia could be in danger if her fifth-dimensional expression has always existed.  Can you please clarify?

Arcturians:  Gaia is a multi-dimensional planet just as her people are multi-dimensional people.  And, there is a pre-quential journey where people think that Ascension is some kind of leaving.  Ascension is not about leaving.  Ascension is about speeding up the frequency of who you are. 

Now, just as people have higher selves that are expressions of them, Gaia has a higher planetary self that is a higher expression of her.  All of reality is multi-dimensional. 

So, that seems like that answers part of the question but not all of it.  What do you think Shawnna?

Shawnna?  Yes, I think it’s helpful to understand what that term is and how we interpret what we call Ascension. That was a good explanation of the higher frequency, and how I guess she has a higher dimensional planetary expression so that expression is what always existed and always will.  But, this is the planet itself reaching a new heightened frequency to become that?

Sue/Arcturians:  Well, it’s a return.  Ascension is really a return.  Just like humans have all these different – they have their third-dimensional self, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth.  And, the planet, Gaia chose to lower her frequency down into a rate where it would be a third-dimensional frequency. 

This is a frequency where there is separation between good and bad.  And this is a frequency where there is time.  And this is a frequency where there is cause and effect.  That’s her third-dimensional self.

So just like we as people decide that we would like to go down into the lower frequencies and experience the lower frequencies because we have always known the higher frequencies. 

Now Gaia – it’s not that there are all these different planets.  There’s only one planet as there is only one of each of us.  But that one – actually planet with people is a little bit different because we have different incarnations.  But it’s still us.  We’ve got the one Soul.  And, Gaia has the One Soul. 

And, Gaia as an intelligent being wanted to experience being a third-dimensional being and she has now completed that experience and so she’s going back up to the being that she’s always been.  And it’s not that there are different ones because they’re all connected, but you can’t perceive them unless you have the state of consciousness to be able to perceive them. 

With your third-dimensional consciousness you can perceive the third-dimension, with forth-dimensional consciousness, that’s your dreams and your higher creativity.  You can perceive that.  With your fifth-dimensional consciousness then you can perceive your Light body, you can perceive Gaia’s Light Body.  Gaia has a body made of Light just as we have bodies made of Light.

We are a component of the planet.  And, Gaia is us.  And as we move more and more into the fifth-dimension we release that old third-dimensional program of separation and limitation - and we move into that fifth-dimensional program of communication, unity and blending. 

As we blend more and more then we can go into higher and higher frequencies because we don’t – if you have one ball – one big ball, you can throw that one big ball and it will all go in one place.  But if you have fifty balls and they are all separate balls, and you throw them they will all go into different places.  But, if you take all of the fifty balls and put them in one bit ball they are all going to go to the same place.

What do you think of that?  That’s kind of a unique analogy.

Shawnna:      Yes, when I think it’s an important point about the microcosm and macrocosm.  And the deeper level of this question is that we’re all connected.  Out of curiosity, what if we, all as a collective, even what we call light workers who are working for the advancement and the evolution of humanity – what if we said, “No thanks, we don’t want to play that game.”  What if we all said that?  Would there truly be a danger of not returning to that higher state of consciousness?

Sue:  Well definitely the ones that said that, the reality – we are the creators.  Our higher selves – we can’t harm our higher selves.  Our higher self is like a little baby, an infant in a little carriage.  And that little baby in the carriage can’t hurt anybody.  It’s a little baby inside of a carriage.  So we’re like little babies inside of this Earth carriage.

Now if you had three or four little babies in the Earth carriage they might hurt each other. 

And, that has a lot to do with where in dense populations there is often more violence because there’s more people crammed up against each other and less space where they can go off on their own and take a breath and be with nature and say, “whew, I got really upset and I need to calm down and find my center.”

But, it’s hard to find your center if there’s people teeming everywhere.  And there are civilizations like that that every street is always filled with lots of people. 

But, a lot of those cities, like in India, have Guru’s and everybody has a spiritual life.  And, they have learned that in order to live in that kind of density, they have to have a spiritual life because that’s how they find that oneness, that sense of themselves that is their SELF.

Sue:    Did we answer all of that question?

Shawnna:      Yes I think so, and I think it’s about, as you said the return to the higher states of consciousness, and it’s about calibrating to that higher consciousness.

Sue:    Yes, it’s about calibrating that consciousness - the frequency.  It’s like if you go to a television and you push for channel 2 you are only going to see the shows on channel 2.  If you want to know about the shows on channel 13, you have to push channel 13. 

So if you only want to know about the third dimension, you push the little button and your consciousness says – third-dimension.  That’s all you see.  But, this is where you get different then a television because if you push the button to the fourth-dimension you can see the fourth-dimension and the third-dimension.  If you push the button for the fifth-dimension you can see the fifth and the fourth and the third. 

Now as you get into the sixth-dimension and beyond it’s – actually it starts in the fifth dimension, because the fifth-dimension is where separation and time begins to leave.  So it’s a process of not having sequence.  And, if you don’t have sequence, you don’t have time because time is sequence – one minute, two minutes, three minutes, four minutes.  So, when you don’t have sequence, everything is all within the Now of the One.  That’s a completely different reality.

And we were in the fifth-dimension and we say, “hay, let’s try the third and the fourth.”  And we did and we said, “Okay, it’s time to go back now.”

Okay, thanks everyone.  Great talking to you and we will be doing these a bit.  This is close to half an hour which is long enough.  We’ll be going through so many great questions that you gave us.  We’ll be doing this for a long time.  We’ll just do them every now and again.

Shawnna:      Thank you to everybody who has contributed, and whatever you ask, others have the same questions so feel free to continue finding out what might be helpful along your journey, and we are pleased to assist in this way.  And, I hope you’ll join me in tuning in to that 5D channel.

Sue:    Yes, 5D channel rocks!  Okay, thanks everyone.

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